On/Off or Script from Remote

Hi all,

I’ve tried to read through previous topics on the 4k+ and am assuming that the V is similar, but before buying would like to check. Apologies if this is elsewhere and I’ve missed it.

My current set up (with an Odroid N2+) uses the fact it is connected to keep a tvheadend server and a NAS awake. When the N2+ turns off the servers notice the lack of connection and shut down, and when the N2+ turns on it sends a WoL packet and they wake up. I am guessing that the V does not have power on/off (or suspend) etc. from remote? I don’t mind the V staying on so much as power draw is so low, but electricity is so expensive these days (at least in the UK) that I can’t have the servers running 24/7.

So question is, in lieu of power off/on for the V, could I do something like shutdown and resume networking via the remote? This would simulate the V shutting down as far as the servers are concerned, and I could tie sending a WoL packet to them to wake them with the V networking restarting.

Thanks in advance all, the V looks a great product and I hope I can find a solution to let it work for me :slight_smile:

There is a suspend mode for the Vero V as does Vero4k(+), i does have network connection active. But I do belive there was some script for a user that wanted it to suspend networking (don’t remember if it was just ethernet/wifi/both).It should be possible to do the same with the, I will try to locate the info and try on my VV.

See [HOWTO] Vero 4K / 4K: Performing actions programatically on Standby and Wakeup. This also works on Vero V.

Thanks very much both - really appreciate the very speedy answers. Looks like I should be fine then, I’ll just hook enable/disable network into those scripts.

I expect you know this, but just in case: you can find the Suspend option in the top-level Power menu; but if you want to access it quickly you can also use the Kodi Key Mapper add-on to associate going into Suspend mode with a key on the remote; for example, I have it mapped to the Home key, but only if we’re already on the home screen.

Another great tip, thank you - that will be very useful to automate it via the Harmony.

For anyone it might help I have put together the following very simple scripts using the above functionality to disable networking on sleep and re-enable on resume. It also then checks for the network to be re-enabled and runs the add-on Advanced Wake-on-Lan to wake the server. It could of course send WoL packets directly, but the add-on adds a bit of extra functionality. I don’t really like polling the status via connmanctl, but couldn’t immediately think of a better way. Please feel free to suggest! It’ll wait for connman to report online for a maximum of 30s, then run the add-on anyway


import subprocess

subprocess.run(["connmanctl", "disable", "ethernet"])
subprocess.run(["connmanctl", "disable", "wifi"])


import subprocess
import time
import xbmc

subprocess.run(["connmanctl", "enable", "ethernet"])
subprocess.run(["connmanctl", "enable", "wifi"])

i = 0
while i < 30:
  p1 = subprocess.Popen(["connmanctl", "state"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
  p2 = subprocess.Popen(["grep", "-i", "state"], stdin=p1.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
  state = p2.communicate()[0]

  if b'online' in state: