One HDD to OSMC and NAS

I want to build NAS storage with Emby Server and Nextcloud based on Raspberry Pi 4. I will have also OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to TV. I need advise that if I will connect one HDD 4TB, 3,5", 7200 rpm/m with cable like in picture, to OSMC and NAS does that will work together? Do Emby and OSMC could share library from one HDD? I will also have puplic IP so my Emby server and Nextcloud will be visible from internet.

Do you mean you want to connect it to the Pi3 and Pi4 physically at the same time?
That would not work, besides that it from a logical approach doesn’t work that Y-cable you have has on the second USB only the power lines connected. The purpose of the Y cable is to give more power to the drive then a single port delivers.
Generally it is suggested to drive such a HDD via a powered USB Hub.

From your planned design as you are planning to build a NAS obviously that one would be the one to share the content of the HDD via network.

Yes, while generally in that setup you would use OSMC as a client of Emby.

Please, please, please only do that if you know about how to secure the Emby and Nextcloud server


Thanks for explanation. I will connect USB HDD only to Emby. Can You advise me what HDD is better for that project, USB 3.0 HDD 2,5" or 3,5" with that cable? Is there any difference on Rpi?

Don’t worry I have now Debian server on vps and I have openvpn, very strong passwords, disable root login and SSH keys.

Speedwise I wouldn’t expect a big difference but for NAS operation I believe specific 3.5" NAS disc are more reliable than 2.5" ones

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Thank You very much for help.

That cable will not power a 3.5" drive. Those cables only work on 2.5" drives. If you have not purchased the drive yet you would probably be best served by purchasing a large self powered 3.5" external drive.

Yes, I will purchase HDD 3,5" with case with power supply.