Online store not working


I’m trying to get from official shop my vero 4k and it seems my order can not get through.

I still get this message as an error : “We’re not shipping orders until 13th July. Please accept the Discount as a thank you for your patience”

I tried to pay with credit card and with Amazon. Both failed.

Are you aware of any issues with the store at the moment ?

Thank you.

The issue is store staff are on holiday.

Sure. I saw the message.

But they say they offer a discount right now of 15% because of that.

I guess the discount will be gone when they are back no ? So the point is to order now to get the discount. Or did I misunderstood ?

I don’t know why you are unable to place an order but I’m sure you will still get the discount when the glitch is sorted out.

Ok, that’s the reason why I’m posting here.

To understand if there is an outage right now with the store or if it does not work only because it is “closed”.

So you confirm me there is a glitch right now ?

I can’t reproduce any problems. You should try disabling UBlock or any ad blockers you have as both Amazon and Card Payments load external JavaScript resources.

You can also pay with PayPal if necessary. When you say the order fails: what do you see?


Hi Sam,

Actually I now made it work but with “Proceed to Checkout”, what did not work for me it to buy directly from the page that print the cart.

Anyway, I’m now happy to wait for my box :slight_smile:

Yes – it looks like your ad-blocker is disabling the card payment form.

UBlock Origin is known to block Stripe payments.

ok, thank you for the hint and for having a look at this issue.

I had my adblock disabled for this page, but that’s maybe not enough.

Sorry for interrupting vacation time and thank you for your hard work !

Can you let me know what browser and plugins you use so I can check this out myself?


My browser is : Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)
See screen capture for my extensions :

OK – thanks, I will try and reproduce this issue.