Online video cuts out, raspberry pi zero w

Thanks for any ideas folks. I have tried youtube as well as vimeo (as in the log) and a bunch of other addons and they all seem to freeze after 30 seconds to a minute or two, sometimes half the screen goes green, then it throws me back to the list of videos within whatever addon I was in. I’m brand new at this so I hope I did the log upload thing right.

My four suggestions:

  1. Check your network connectivity quality from the Zero
  2. Reconfigure the cache setting but be careful with the limited memory on the Zero not to run out of memory.
  3. Try youtube after a clean install (without banned repository)
  4. Check your power supply is up to the job

thanks mate. I thought I’d reconfigured the cache with easyadvancedsettings already as it wasn’t working with the default but I’ll check. I have tried a few power supplies same problem. I guess I can try youtube minus banned repository (i’m guessing SUPERMAN (edited out the name of it) or?), just not sure how to check my network connectivity quality. Its only about 3 metres from the router at the moment.

You could check local quality with wavemon or can check you download speed with speedtest-cli.
If you don’t want to install any software just try a download and check the consistency of the speed.