Only 'List' view available in my movie library

I’ve been a long term Raspbmc user and took the plunge and installed OSMC for the first time on Friday. What good timing with the Release Candidate coming out shortly after (oh well, never mind, it’s quick to rebuild).

I was susprised to see that in the Release Candidate build I could only select to view my movie library in ‘List’ format. Alpha 4 let me view in the wide filmstrip view as well as in the fanart view as well. I’ve already tried a rebuild in case I had messed it up.

What gives?

It´s by design.
As it´s Kodi you still have the choice to switch to another skin. Conq is quite similar and have the views you mentioned.

Even thought this feature was there in Alpha 4?

If it’s a feature that was included at one time but now withdrawn then that’s fine

Well, the skin in alpha releases was at a very early stage and more of a concept really. So any “feature” in alpha might actually not be a feature but a leftover from the skin it was based on.
And it is still not finished in the RC release, it will change with future updates.

I do not have the exact information on this, so the following is somewhat a guess; but I believe that the OSMC skin will be a minimalistic skin with (e.g.) less view types to make it easy to maintain and keep it as stable as possible.
At the same time devs, designers and skinners are working on giving it a very nice design even if it is simple.

Personally I really like it, and I also like the idea with less view types. And, of course, as it is Kodi there are always more choices for those who wants it.

Thanks for the concise reply.

I also don’t mind that it’s not there if it’s a concious thought to leave it out. I just thought I should flag it in case it had somehow slipped out unintentionallybetween alpha and RC. As you say there are always other choices of skin out there.

Up till now I’ve only ever used Confluence as I always felt lost in other skins but I like the simplicity of this one.

More views will be added and, as said, the reason you saw more before was because we’re using Conq as the base skin.

I would sooo love other views too ! :slight_smile: Thanks

Are there other views coming? Or will it stay the only view? This is, at least for me, a showstopper.
Besides that, i really like the new skin, looks friendlier.

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There are no additional views yet and it’s unclear if they will or will not come. If this is a must-have feature for you then there are lots of alterntive skins out there to use. These all have different features and some are more feature-rich than others.

New OSMC skin in RC3 is really slick. Thanks for that. Unfortunately it’s little painful to use in the current form.
I REALLY hope that thumbnail view will available at some point in the future. I have two use cases where this is must:
-Select photo from the photo collection. A filename is pointless when browsing photos
-Select right cartoon series. My kids can’t read but are clever enough to select right series base of thumbs. Grid thumbnail view do the job just fine.

I’m back in Confluence until this issue is fixed.

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For video this is EXACTLY why I PRAY Grid Thumbnail comes back soon. The view is critical for Under 5 viewers and very helpful for Under 8.

Hopefully it hits around the same time DVD ISO playback works again :slight_smile:

I really really would like to see thumbnail view aswell. Dont care about the others

Having purchased a Vero as a way to support @sam_nazarko (+crews) good work, having previously donated, I would be willing to pay again for this feature to be quickly added back to the OSMC skin.

I am new at this forum and a newbe using osmc. I love the default skin and do not want to change it. I have the same issue as others. My 3 years old kid need Grid Thumbnail to choose a cartoon.

Latest update allows this view. Press Left Arrow to highlight list view, then enter to change view types.