Only one usb connection at the same time in your HUB USB


I have bought a Vero 4K+ and the HUB USB.
When I plug one external HDD to the HUB, it works fine : Kodi can use this HDD.
When I plug a second external HDD, Kodi sees no HDD. If I try to play a movie (from the first HDD), Kodi says that the movie does not exist anymore.

The HUB is auto-alimented.

Is there a solution to plug 4 externals HDD ?

Thank you for the help.


Not sure what this means but Vero will not be able to power a hub and two HDD. If the hub is powered by the mains adapter that should work.

That was what I wanted to tell… Sorry I’m French.
The hub is powered by the adapter you send with.

No need to apologize. I think @sam_nazarko should be able to help - I believe there are two versions of the hub.

Is it normal that the adapter connector cannot fully push in?

Yes. Mine is the same. But my power LED is red so maybe I have a different model.

You can power one or two drives with the supplied PSU (depending on their rating).

Otherwise you need to use a different PSU, but the hub itself will be fine

You can power a single drive in each port individually to rule out a hardware issue.




I think that this is the “PSU” :

I understand that you tell me to buy another PSU, more powerfull.
Can you give me a link from one which can power the 4 ports ?
I am not sure about the power that it need and about the connector :

For example, is this one is correct ?

Thank you…

That adapter has the same rating (2A) as the OSMC supplied one. If I recall correctly a 2.5" HDD can take up to 1A (although typically 750mA) when spinning up so you would probably need a 4A supply to be sure.