Only seeing Rainbow Screen

Hi there - I’m trying to install OSMC onto Raspberry Pi 2 but am getting a Rainbow Screen with no options. I’m using a 16GB SD card through windows. Any ideas thanks?

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Did you select ‘Raspberry Pi 2’ and not Raspberry Pi 1 in the installer?

Thanks Sam. Yes selected Raspberry Pi 2. Tried a couple of times. Also tried downloading disk images (not enough space) and reformatting SD card, with same outcome…?

Hi Sam. Still seeing Rainbow screen - any ideas? (used to run Raspbmc with no issues)

had the same issue last night setting up my brothers, it was down to the SD card although it was just about working on my laptop on the installer osmc wouldn’t boot from it, got another SD card and fired up first time worth trying if you can get hold of another one.

Hello. I am a NOOB to Raspberry pi but have a lot of experience with Arduino. I recently bought a raspberry pi b+ and downloaded the OSMC installer for windows. I selected raspberry pi 2, english, and wired internet. After i put the card in the pi all i see is the rainbow screen. I have tried a 16gb sandisk, and 8gb cards. The pi does work when i use another card that had NOOBS loaded on it. I have read up on this and that is why i tried all these cards but still only see the rainbow screen. the ethernet lights do not come on. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I am having the exact same issue and have tried everything. I can’t get anything other than NOOBS to boot, tried multiple SD cards, power supplys etc :frowning:

I had the similar experience. But had downloaded the RPi 1 image by mistake. Are you sure you have a RPi 2?

I had success ‘not’ using the installer as it was corrupted during download I guess.

I downloaded the .img and verified the MD5 before writing the image to an 8GB SD card.

I have tried using the installer selecting RPi 2 and also using the image files same outcome! Both NOOBS and Raspbian work straight away, but I don’t want them just OSMC!

If anybody has a fix for this I would really like to know about it. I am having the same problem with the last three versions including the latest RC2

Sam any ideas? I tried a new SD card as per phate1’s suggestion with no luck. Bloody frustrating.

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Please Sam any ideas on how to fix this???

Did you test the image for Rpi1 on it yet? Many people have mistakenly received B+ pi’s when they thought they were getting Rpi 2’s.

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Thanks. I just assumed that the b+ and pi 2 where one and the same. It works now