Open-iscsi on Vero 4K+

Hello, this post follow the issue opened on Github:

I could get my hands on a Raspberry Pi 2, on which I installed latest OSMC iso image. I could install the open-iscsi package there without issue as I did earlier on my now-defunct Raspberry Pi 3.

The content of config-5.10.78-5-osmc on the Pi has been made available here.

Please confirm if this is what you where talking about @sam_nazarko .

I am very busy during the days but I will have time during evenings to follow any testing procedure you provide me with.



I’ve already taken a stab at getting this working. I had to guess the configuration options, but I believe it should work.

I’ve added you to a PM with test builds which you can try. You’ll need a USB or SD card to run the build.



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Hey there, just passing by to let you know that the Bullseye release with open-iscsi saved me from having to buy another raspberry pi 4. I lost both my micro sdcard and my ethernet port (in what looks like a power surge) and the Vero4k+ is back from the drawer and ready to take over!

Thanks again for that super cool project, I’ll keep an eye on the next Vero release as well, you got a fan!

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