Open Media Streaming Platform


I wish to gift the IT infrastructure to a free open source media platform in Scotland. I will be focusing on local grass routes journalism support first but could open it to others as we scale up. Can anyone in this community assist with the technical design for the project scoping? I need to understand the level of power, storage and bandwidth required and allow for exponential growth capacity and get the outline budget right.

My initial thoughts are 2No. synced enterprise level server farms. Each with 3GBPS symmetric FTTB channels. Racks, switches Cisco network security and storage of 1000TB SSD arrays and 10,000 TB HD arrays. Room for 10 times that in year one, 100 times in year 2.

■■■■ google Facebook and all the other corporate giants :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

OSMC is free and open source. That is effectively the gift we give you. Unfortuntely there’s no way we can help you develop a seemingly commercial project without a budget.

If you have money for hardware, you should have money for software development.



I’m talking about allowing content to be uploaded and streamed. A media platform, not a device.

It isn’t commercial. Its non profit.

I see what you mean now.

You’d face a lot of legal implications by doing this. If someone uploads content from a dodgy source you’d be in trouble.

The cost of maintaining that hardware and bandwidth isn’t free, even if the hardware you currently have is fully paid up.


So lets say £500k to start, but we are dealing with the engineers, support, software development etc. as our social enterprise Coop will be doing that anyway, we are just giving a portion of the finance and resource coming from that. I have no idea how much we need, that is why I’m asking experts like you.

We have a very innovate solution for data ownership, using automated networks and AI. But as we will just invite local community journalism groups we trust as first then I don’t think we will have a content issue. Got some awesome lawyers, plus the worlds best techy geeks :slight_smile:

Better to make something platform agnostic.

Minio on top of Ceph would give you S3 like buckets with high levels of fault tolerance