Open My OSMC from the remote

I’d like a long press on the power button to open My OSMC. Using profiles has messed up my skin and my power menu doesn’t show anymore, so I’d like a shortcut. I think I found the power key a while ago, but I don’t know what to have it call. Something like this:

<key id="61662" mod="longpress">My OSMC</key>

I’m a bit confused. You want the power button on your remote to open the power menu or the My OSMC add-on? You know you can open My OSMC from the add-on section don’t you?

The action you would map to open My OSMC would be


and the power menu would be


It opens the power menu now, but I wanted to add My OSMC to the long press.

I poked around addons and didn’t find it, but that is possibly a better option. I’ll look a little harder.

I updated my previous post with the action you were looking for. To find it in the add-ons section you would click on “my add-ons” and then you will find it under “program add-ons”.

I would also add that I personally would discourage the use of mapping to an add-on from ‘global’ as some screens like to cause Kodi to crash when invoked from them. Something like this would probably be best mapped to the home window.