Openhab on OSMC

Evening all,

Just been setting up some home automation and am tempted to move openhab from it’s own pi onto the pi that osmc is on.

Just wondering whether anyone has them running on the same box, or knows of any obvious conflicts that make it a bad idea.

There are a few posts but nothing I can see since 2016 so thought I’d check before I start digging.

As always, thanks for the team for an excellent piece of software. It’s hugely appreciated.

As long as it doesn’t try to mess with the existing set-up, eg by replacing Connman with Network-Manager, it’ll probably work. Just ensure that the Web interface listens on a different port from Kodi’s Web interface.

I’m not doing this, and I hadn’t even heard of OpenHAB until this thread. But I’ve spent the last few days down the OpenHAB rabbit hole, and I did stumble on a thread in the OpenHAB forum where one of the developers recommended against using OpenHAB on a server running other major GUI related stuff. They didn’t mention Kodi (it was a thread about using Chromium on an OpenHAB server), but I suspect that would fall in that category. So it might depend some on how much stuff you’re managing with OpenHAB.

P.S. Now I’ve started planning a project to implement OpenHAB in the house. '-)

Cheers to both for coming back to me.

pkscout - I quite like it, it takes a little getting used to but there’s a lot of good information in the forums, they seems to be catching up with a lot of information in terms of documentation but, with a little persistence, you can usually find the wrong info… bit like osmc really.

I’ve seen similar warnings about what’s needed for it but, for my purposes, it should be fairly light and there seem to be people running it on the original rasberry pi’s. I’m not hammering osmc either so am hopeful, it’s more whether a particular packages causes a problem.

I’ll see how I get on and report back.

Hi… I would not suggest introducing both on one Pi. I have not attempted it, yet I would figure the framework has insufficient memory for both.
Also, once openhab has insufficient memory it begins to trade out the standards and it take two or three seconds to ececute rules and orders.

At any rate that is the thing that I experianced when I had another “large” application running next to openhab.

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What you need to find out is the load OpenHab places on the Pi. Using top or htop will show you the system load, over 1, 10 and 15 minutes.

Running any graphical interface is likely to impair performance of OSMC so I would
use a separate Pi for Openhab as has already been suggested.

Alternattively if you just want to control some device from the GPIO pins at a particular times then the GPIO library and crontab may be a solution… This will virtually use hardly any system resources at all, but you won’t get a fancy interface or the control that you would using OpenHab