OpenVPN management interface

Hi guys, is the management interface working on OSMC? I got OpenVPN working but is never clear if is connected or not. Somehow the IP address is not changing, but I can access my Synology at the other end, meaning that is connected.


As far as I am aware there isn’t openvpn management within OSMC. With few more details, we should be able to help you work out whats going on.

To start with how have you installed openvpn and configured:

Via a plugin or via apt-get and configured from the command line?

Thanks Tom.

Installed with apt-get. Run it as client. It works starting from command line. I don’t need it run all time and getting tired of going all the time to command line I installed VPN manager addon from zomboid.

The addon is not very clear to me, not clear if connected or not, I still have to go to command line, find the process and kill completely OpenVPN.

I am looking for something simple to connect and disconnect from the tv remote.


Have you seen this:

This should provide you with all the information you need, if not let us and we will try and help further.

Thanks Tom.

I think there’s an OpenVPN tutorial on our forum which covers this.
We’re going to make OpenVPN easier to use in the future.