OpenVPN server setup on the Vero 4K



I’m trying to setup an openvpn server on my Vero 4K.
My network and system setups are quite simple, openvpn and network configurations should be straightforward.

Nevertheless, I can’t reach any other IP than the Vero 4K itself.

Note that since I can’t setup a static route on my lan gateway, I’m going the NAT way i.e

"iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o usbnet0 -j SNAT --to-source <Vero 4K LAN IP>"

As you can tell by the previous iptables command, I am using a gigabit adapter.

Are there any OSMC network (or other) specifics that prevent such a standard openvpn from working as expected?

Any advice is welcome.




I’m assuming you are running the IP tables on your verok? Is this correct?

If so does it work if you flush the iptables rules?

I think this will help:

The section: Setup Routing and NAT also you may find VPN Kill Switch useful aswell.

Thanks Tom.


You nailed it.
Indeed something in my iptables (on the Vero 4k) was causing the issue.

Flushing all iptables rules fixed it.

Thanks a lot Tom.