OpenVPN + SmartDNS options

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for a new VPN provider and would be interested to know your experiences.
If your provider includes Smart DNS Proxy, please let me know - this is 1 of the services I’d find useful. I’ve already got some feedback for PIA, so no need to comment on them thanks.

Anyone using ExpressVPN or NordVPN ?

Appreciate your thoughts.
Peace, noolidge.

Nord I’ve heard is a coin flip, either you love it or you hate it.

I’m using Torguard and it’s been pretty good for now. Downside is that you have to pay extra for a streaming IP.

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thanks for your input roen.

For reasons I wont bore you with I have access to several VPN’s, the best/fastest is one that no-one will ever have heard of and comes as part of another service I subscribe to which its probably best I don’t mention here but would be glad to via PM, but its limited to only Windows and Mac.
Due to forgetting to cancel my subscription on time (doh!) I have one VPN that comes with a smart DNS service which is called ibVPN, this is an ok provider who reply to support tickets pretty quickly but the VPN speeds are only ok and admittedly I haven’t tried the smart DNS side for a couple of months but it was pretty useless for my needs then, unlocking absolutely nothing of note (which is a shame as it used to be really good).
Speed wise the best VPN I have that is easy to subscribe to unlike the first I mentioned would be IPVanish.
For smart DNS I would consider a separate sub to, I think their headline price is around £19 a year, but generally they offer a lifetime sub of £19 or £20 (depending on the exchange rate) for 2 years once you’ve signed up for the free 7 day trial, I only use this on my ATV4 but I find it a great and cheap life saver when my VPN’s don’t work if you catch my drift :wink:

Thanks for your thoughts @Buckeye :wink: