OpenVPN thru tethering

Hi Guys,

I am trying to use wifi to ethernet tethering to connect AppleTV 4 thru V4K to my openvpn server located in another city. AppleTV has no vpn.
Eternet to wifi tethering is not working for me at this time, I have a separately thread on that.

I can connect V4K openvpn client to my openvpn server, no problem here.
I was also able to get AppleTV working on a wired connection to V4K, that means the tethering is okay. AppleTV was not able to automatically detect the DNS on V4K, I had to enter it manually. I used my router/V4K default getaway as DNS in AppleTV and then AppleTv was successfully connected to internet.

  1.  First question here is why AppleTv did not find the DNS, is V4K not providing the DNS to tethering?

One step further, I started openvpn client on V4K and connected to my remote openvpn server. All okay here I can watch video from the remote server on V4K.
However, the AppleTV is connected to internet, apps like youtube and Netflix are working, but I cannot see or connect to the remote server on the AppleTV.

  1.  Second question is how I can “extend” the openvpn on V4K to the AppleTv?


There is a bug in ConnMan currently where DNS is not passed when tethering. You can enable dns proxying in /etc/connman.prefs and it will work.

With some iptables magic you might be able to enable openvpn for the tethered device but this is not trivial. In the future when ConnMan has more tightly integrated OpenVPN support it may work better for tethered devices

Okay, with my limited Linux experience it seems I have to give up on this option.
Just in case I will be able to make Ethernet to wifi tethering working, is it possible then to extend openvpn to tethered device or is the same story?

Explained as above – ConnMan isn’t aware of OpenVPN at this time so it isn’t tethered through.