Openvt error on start

Hello, installed retrosmc on my osmc succefull… When i start the script from ssh or kodi i become an “openvt exec: permission denied” Error…

I can see this error only on my tv, not in ssh console.

Can anyone help me maybe?

Ise use the Raspberry Pi3 with the latest version of Osmc

Did you follow this howto?
If so why not post in there?

Please try to install it again.
What user did you install retrosmc as?

Hi… i installed retrosmc as root.

i didnt see that pop up, where i can select “basis install”.

i try now to install retrosmc as osmc user

If you did not see that and install was very quick, your connection to github might be bad.

Jeah… Retropie runs now :slight_smile:

But i have another Problem . I have conected my Wii Mote with my pi. I Can Control my osmc but when i Start Retropie to configur my Input settings i cannot do nothing. Wii Mote successfull conectet with Retropie but when i will configur my Input settings, Retropie dont do any actions when i Press Keys on my Wii Mote :frowning:

Does it work with the keyboard?
I think Toast did a wrapper for wiimotes.
Worth a search on this forum.

Jeah, with the Keyboard it works fine.
I Can use my Wii Mote to Go up and Down in osmc… But in Retropie it didn’t work

It might be paired in a mode that retropie doesn’t like.
Fo not pair it in kod. Only in retropie when it is started via commandline or toasts scripts.