Operation Not Permitted When Accessing a Windows 10 Shared Folder

Hi. I’m using the 2018.12-1 on Vero 4K.

I’m trying to access a shared file on my Windows 10 shared folder, but I keep getting “Operation Not Permitted” when I try to add a network location then enter the ip address, username and password manually. I use SMB protocol too.

I’m also using mostly default settings. Max SMB v3.

On windows, I’ve shared the folder to a standard user named “movielover”. I’ve enabled file and print sharing and network discovery, I’ve also enabled file and print sharing app on firewall. Is there anything else I’m missing?

Log is found here Operation Not Permitted

Thank you!

Does the user have a password?

Yes. A very easy password, but yes hehehe

Check the content .kodi/userdata/passwords.xml

If you can not see anything wrong there I might suggest to try fstab or autofs based solutions.

Thanks. I’m not an advanced user. Will I have a difficult time doing autofs?

Well I think so far we have managed to get any noob through it.
But surely if you can find a mistake in passwords.xml would be best.

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I hope so too. Thanks @fzinken. I’ll report back

@fzinken you’re correct. the details on passwords.xml is wrong. How come even if I edit or remove the network location, it doesn’t change the old user and password?

I think you have to stop Kodi mediacenter, while editing the file.

SSH and stop Kodi :
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

Edit the passwords.xml, save the file and

start kodi again
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Thanks, @Smasher
Is there an easier way to edit this? Like via the Kodi UI?

No, there is no “text reader/editor” built-in Kodi.
Maybe there’s and addon… don’t know.

But Kodi would still be running, if you did that… Kodi has to be stopped. Maybe some of the choices in the “shutdown menu” will work…
You can test…
I just use SSH/putty :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Smasher :smile:

Yes, you can simply put the username and password in front of the SMB-Share name:


The " and " are not required of course …

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