Optical cable connection

I have an old Sony Surround System whereby hdmi connection does
not play sound and need to supply sound with seperate optical cable.
What are all the connections on the vero for,I cant see an optical cable input.
I can’t find any Vero Tutorials or basic setup instructions on the net either.
I have the Vero running now for several weeks and now that I am more familiar with it ,I am enjoying it very much and think it is worth almost every penny I spent on it.

Vero has an optical connection on the side of the unit. It’s not an input, but rather an output


Thank you Sam.
Optical cables plugs slightly too big to fit in Vero.Do not tamper with Vero enclosure but file off a little from the optical cable plug all around and it will fit perfectly.
I have had Vero for three weeks now and I absolutely love it.
It streams faultlessly without hardly any stops.The Music streamed and put through my Sony (old ) Surround System sounds absolutely fabulous.
Despite the higher price then most of the other makes it is great quality , easy to
use and looks great in the company of my other equipment.
I love the minimalist skin and it is no bother to use any of the other skins if you wanted to.
The support I had is instantly and very friendly, despite some of my silly unexperienced questions.
All in all I personally can only highly recommend the Vero,it is well worth it !!!