Optimal Postprocessing for DVD-Rip playback

For example of the problems related to DVD rips, see the following screenshot of The Simpsons S08E02.

With VLC i can get very nice playback using the following settings:

Crop 6px on all sides, post processing filters set to “6”. HQ scaling to monitor resolution (e.g. Lanczos) and add slight film grain to hide most of the problems and give a much more natural look.

Is this possible with KODI? To define specific post processing settings per TV series / Season?

In a perfect world, Kodi could do the following:

  1. Force deinterlacing to off (weave the fields, this gives perfect results and is trivial).
  2. De-blocking, De-ringing and other useful post processing filters.
  3. Crop 6px on all sides
  4. HQ rescaling to monitor resolution
  5. HQ sharpening
  6. Add slight film grain to smooth things out.

Anything like this possible at the moment or in the pipeline?

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The level of post-processing available and the picture quality depends on the device you use OSMC for.

Some of your requests are Kodi specific, rather than OSMC specific, and as such, should be requested on their forums.


Thank you Sam for the reply.

I know this is mostly a Kodi request so its a little bit off to post it here in the OSMC feature request section…but there are many knowledgeable people here and maybe someone would have pointed me in the right direction.

I will post this in the KODI feature requests too but usually there is too much noise to be heard over there. Also Kodi devs usually have their own ideas what and when they want to implement stuff and don’t care much about what users like me want individually (although i would say my request here is of general interest and in the advent of 4k TVs everyone would want these features as standard behavior).