Optimal settings for LG Oled C1 + Vero4k+

Hello all,

what would be the optimal settings for Sound and screen power off for LG Oled C1? (just TV, no receiver)

I’m after 2 things:

  1. controlling volume using osmc remote. Tried audio passthrough, but maybe something is needed to be configured on LG C1 ?

  2. powering off TV - on my LG C9 I was using just black screen and TV went off. On C1 it just goes black :). What would be the best way?


I covered this pretty thoroughly in this thread…

Is CEC enabled on your C1? If it is you should be able to navigate Kodi with the LG remote. Without CEC I don’t think the Vero has the ability to turn that TV off. I have actually tried with a Vero and that same TV and the other methods of cutting off the display only get a blank display, not the ‘no input so here is some framed artwork’ screen that can trigger the TV to turn off.