Optimised advancedsettings.xml for Vero 4K+?

Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, but are there new recommended advancedsettings for the cache section, specifically for the Vero 4K+?

I was thinking that readfactor could be increased further to take advantage of the gigabit lan?

Or are the pre-configured settings still the ones to use?

If that’s the case, if I’m using advancedsettings.xml for other settings, how do I ensure that the pre-configured cache settings are used in addition to the other settings I’ve configured in my own advancedsettings.xml file?

Thanks in advance!

Kodi on the Vero4k+ comes already preconfigured with an optimized cache setting. No need to change anything in advancedsettings.xml.

The preconfigured cache settings will not be overwritten by your advancedsettings.xml unless you use the specific tags.

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Thanks for the quick response!