Optimize DVD/Bluray rips for the Pi using Handbrake

I haven’t seen much discussion here about the best settings in Handbrake when ripping a DVD for playback on a Pi.

Right now for DVDs I’m using the ‘Normal’ profile, with only one change; keeping the audio as DD or DTS without re-coding. The results are OK, but I see occasional oddities, like the playback seems to go Slow Motion randomly. And when the SloMo happens sometimes the audio drops for a second.

Oddly, this only seems to happen on my Pi 2 where the media is directly connected via USB (4TB powered drive formatted BTFRS) On my older Pi B (wireless connection) doesn’t seem to have this problem.

So I’m thinking that there should be an optimized setting in Handbrake to make the Pi happy.

For Bluray, I’m using MakeMKV to rip, and playback is perfect on the Pi 2, but the Pi B struggles with it. And the resulting file is of course large. Most movies are around 28-30GB.

So what would be the best settings in Handbrake as a compromise for file size and playability on the Pi, especially the Pi B via wireless.

I don’t care about playback on other devices, as my 2 Pi’s are the only way I watch movies. So specific Pi only optimizations are OK with me.

I use HighProfile (4.1) CRF 21. Speed is on “placebo”. I also remove any HD Audio and just keep the core stream with dts or recode dolby true hd to AC3 (DD).
The pi cannot passthrough the hd audio and I only have a 5.1 speakerconfiguration anyway.

What do you mean by ‘Speed is on “Placebo”’? I don’t see any speed settings on Handbrake (linux version)

It is an x264 preset.
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