Optimum TV resolution?

Using KODI to watch Tv from tvheadend. TV is a 37" Sony. The old PVR used a resolution of 1080i/50. KODI has selected a resolution of 1360x768. Is that optimal or should I force KODI to use 1080i?

reson I ask is because there is this annoying flickering line topmost when I watch TV.

It depends on your TV but no the resolution you’re in now is probably not optimal.

Try 1920x1080p or 1280x720p. I would not try to use an interlaced mode.

OK. Will test different resolutions then. My TV does not support 1920x1080, maximum is 1360x768 according to the manual.

That is a fairly typical native resolution for many 720p TV’s. 1280x720p should probably be the best choice for you in this situation.

Although it might be the native panel resolution 1360x768 is actually a DMT mode not a CEA mode, this means that you end up using a different colour space as well - RGB 0-255 instead of YCbCr 16-235, this means that your colour accuracy and saturation will be poor.

On a 32" Samsung we used to use it too defaulted to 1360x768 which is the native panel resolution, but surprisingly not only was the colour accuracy much better in 1080p (for the above reasons) the image quality (definition) was also significantly better - presumably the down scaler in the TV was very good.

So I would try both resolutions and see what looks best. Another reason to use 1080p is if you want to use “adjust display refresh rate to match video” to watch 23.976 videos in their native fps.

Most TV’s only provide a 24Hz mode in 1080p so Kodi won’t switch to 24/23.976Hz output unless you are in 1080p.

Interesting! I guess it is time to test tonight! hdmi_mode = 31 ?

edit: 31 dod not work, but 20 did (1081i/50). The colours did change and now match what I see from the old PVR. The blue menu background is less clear now, but that does not bother me. And, this is important: The flickering line above the picture is gone.