Option to refresh info for object

So this used to be possible with the TextureCache utility, but that is not maintained anymore.
I would like to have an option to periodically refresh a movie or episode after it has been added to the library.
The reason for this is that new episodes will not have all metadata yet added to TMDB and as a result it will add air date way back in the past.
Since it is scraped once, it will not update that information anymore.

Would be nice to have an option that would refresh movies or episodes after they have been adde for x period of time to get all of the metadata eventually.

I know this is not really an OSMC task, but I find these devs and forum way more welcoming to these kinds of ideas :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I don’t know enough about this to advise.

Milhouse behind TextureCache was the expert on this – but he is sadly no longer participating in Kodi development.

Maybe some others will have some knowledge.


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