Option to upload MediaInfo and/or actual test clip videos from within OSMC

In order to diagnose a problem with video playback, the OSMC guys typically require up to three pieces of data: debug logs, MediaInfo data for the video in question, and/or a sample uploaded video-clip that illustrates an issur.

Sensibly, there is already an option within OSMC for uploading debug logs to a remote server, which outputs a URL where the logs can be accessed (which people can then include in their posts here).

It seems to me it would be helpful for to have a built-in mechanism for extracting and uploading MediaInfo data from within OSMC in the same way (i.e. extract data, upload to server, and present the user with a URL to include in a support request). And it would also be cool if there were a standard location for people to upload test-clips to - again, ideally from within OSMC itself. You’d obviously have to set some rather careful limits on that - perhaps files no larger than 200MB, and additional limits on the number of uploads in a given period of time by the same user or from the same IP address; but it’d be handy feature.

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It’s going to be tricky to make this possible from OSMC directly; because people mount their shares and access their files in a variety of different ways. I’m not sure we could always pull the file through the VFS layer.

There are plans for a web based MediaInfo and file uploader to be made available in the near future however. But the user will need to be logged in to upload files so we can limit disk usage and tie uploaded files to a user’s post


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