Order #1865 tracking no not working

My Order No #1865 … I recived email with tracking no. on Apr 7, 2015 …i still not received product (Vero)… Royal Mail tracking no not working… what’s problem ?

You need to email the sales team at sales@osmc.tv

Order No #1865… i still not received product .what’s problem ? … and yes i contacted the sales team …but no reply

I have sent you an email about your order.


Order no -1865…order date- February 14, 2015 …now its July i have still not received product … sales team is not answering my emails…you guys ask me check my local post office. and i did. they are unable to find product without tracking no…which you didn’t provide me…why don’t you people check your post office and if they delivered please give me any kind of delivery confirmation or else refund my money…this is just a waste of time

We will re-send another one today

My apologies about this.


wow… Order no -1865…order date- February 14, 2015…and today i recived product jan 24,2018 after 3 years…regards to indian postal service…tracking no - lv351240555gb

i am speechless

Well as @sam_nazarko has sent a second one 4 months later you can expect to get another one in June 2018 :slight_smile:

Oh wait, just saw this seemed to be the second shipment

16/07/2015 19:30:00 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela
So no second one to come :frowning:

ha ha ha :grinning:…might be consolation prize :trophy:

That’s a very long time

Unfortunately we stopped shipping to India because of problems with India Post International and their customs clearance process. I think our best option now is to look for a reseller in India.