Order #61334 - returned the shipment - custom rates are ridiculous

Hi there,

Just received notice that my latest order #61334 - had to go through customs.
That nearly doubled the price for what I ordered - and that is simply not acceptable.

I have denied to pay the customs - and they confirm that the are going to return the package free of charge.
I wish Brexit never happened!

What are the steps from here?

Sorry if it’s the wrong place to post.

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I’m sorry to hear this.

Returns will be processed as per our policies on our website. We don’t charge customers for goods they haven’t received. If you refuse a shipment however then any delivery charges are non refundable as we cannot recover them from the postal service.

From what I can see, this was an order for two power supplies.

I would be interested in seeing the customs payment demand. As it will likely contain personal information, I’d suggest sending it to sales@osmc.tv and we will get this solved promptly.


Hey Sam.

Totally understandable and acceptable!
Shortly I will forward the customs payment demand to sales@osmc.tv

Sorry for the hassle this is causing you and your team.
Had I known the rates would be off the charts - I wouldn’t have bothered ordering in the UK in the first place.
I just wanted to have a couple of PSU for backup.
One of my Veros are acting up - and I suspect a bad PSU.
For now I have swapped the 2 PSUs around - to test that scenario.

Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks. I am interested to see the fees demanded. They should be quite low but I think the Post Nord handling charge is a fixed fee.

So for customers that purchase say, two Veros the price is acceptable but if you were purchasing a pack of stickers from us then not so much.


I payed 86 EUR customs. So 180 EUR for device + customs… so device rated 250 EUR+… Slovenia, EU…

Yea… but it was worth…

This seems very high. I would query that. See European orders

We do have an EU reseller for future orders


The duty itself is insignificant - around a pound or so.
The handling fee is ridiculous.

…and correct - you would need to order for a considerable amount - to justify the duty and fees put on top of it.
Or buy from another shop within the EU.

Here are the details:

Told/importmoms = Duty
Ekspeditionsgebyr = Handling fee
Moms = VAT

Yes, looks like the Post Nord handling fee was too much there. On a Vero order this is justified but for two power supplies not so much

A bit late for this now, but may I ask who’s the EU reseller for Vero?

See OSMC Vero V - RPishop.cz

RpiShop plan to sell all across Europe in the near future.

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