Ordered 4K+ is there any tracking available somewhere?

Hi all,

I just ordered a 4K+ (Order #21117) and I’d like to see the status of the order (was payment received, is it shipped, expected arrival date… that kind of stuff). Is there such a thing?

Or do I just need to be patient?



As soon as the package is shipping (normally within 24 hours) you will receive an email with a tracking number

ah thanks, then i guess it hasn’t been shipped yet. I placed my order on the 5th… I guess I’ll need to be patient a bit more :slight_smile:


Check your spam folder just to be safe :wink:

You should have received an order confirmation order when you placed the order. You should get a shipment email today (we had a lot of orders over the last couple of days).



Thanks for the fast replies, I indeed just received a tracking code… so patience was indeed the answer :slight_smile: