Ordered new Vero V

Hi all, a long time user (ish) of Kodi, coming from way back with Windows 7 MCE, then onto Kodi on Windows 7/10. More recently tried it on Unbunto but too buggy and jittery.

It was running on an ITX J1900 based mini PC.

Anyway, I have a NAS (Synology) with all my DVDs and TV shows on it, I do Have Virgin so use that for Netflix and and Amazon.

Really its main use is for playing ripped DVDs and TV shows, plus playing Flacs.

I gather Dolby Digital 5.1 is ok?

I never got to grips with Addons with Kodi on Windows as it always seemed to bug out, but any good addons or repros I should add?

I’ll be running the unit into a Denon tuner and using 1Gb Ethernet.

Thanks all!

Won’t be a problem, just enable Dolby Digital under Settings → Audio once you get the device.

Any further questions once you get your device and we will be here to help.

It will be with you on Wednesday.

Kodi doesn’t have many platform specific differences. If there is some particular add-on you tried running on Windows and it didn’t work well, it likely will not work well on all platforms. Most add-on’s in Kodi’s repo should work without issue.

You might find benifit in reading through this…

Thanks for the info. Is it worth getting an memory card for it? Is it used for backups?

All my media is on a nas.

Also I have a Harmony remote, what device should I select for it?


The SD card slot would be used the same way it would on a PC. If there is something in particular you want to store or run from this media type the option is there. It really isn’t any different than plugging a thumb drive or hard drive into one of the USB ports. As for backups you choose where to save them. This can be locally attached storage or a network share.

The Vero’s/OSMC are not a locked down media player. You have access to the full operating system (it is a Debian Linux fork) and things work very much like they do running Kodi on Windows or Ubuntu, just without the OS’s GUI and with everything being very tailored to the task of being a media player.

If it is a model that has bluetooth you would pair it in the My OSMC add-on and you would program it in My Harmony as OSMC Vero IIRC. If you are using IR then in the My OSMC add-on there is a remote section where you select which profile you are using. Just pick one of the options there and program your remote to match. Your best option is likely an Xbox unless you are already using the remote with an actual Xbox.