OS not auto updating

Hi all,

Been having some playback issues on my 4k+ recently, 1st thing that came to mind was how up to date is my system.

Checked System information and I’m on 18.9 compiled 2020-11-27!

Is it possible I have somehow overridden auto updates? I can force it to “scan for updates now” in settings-updates-manual controls but I can’t find anywhere to force it to run the actual update.

Any pointers appreciated, I’m sure it’s just me overlooking this :relaxed:

Found a reference to the ucawohabij hot fix and now my system is downloading an update. I had until now thought the system was silently downloading and installing updates in the background…

OSMC at the time of writing doesn’t do automatic updates without your consent. This is by design. It will download and prompt you to update by default, but never install these updates automatically.

This may change in the future.

Hi Sam. What confused me was it never actually prompted me to update in nearly two years, and I couldn’t find an option toactually run an update, only to download it. I did search this out several times and ironically yesterday after I posted I found a reference to the hot fix above.

Thanks for the reply Sam :+1: