OSCM: which remote controls are supported?

I’m planning to buy a Vero 4K, but before I need to know which remote controls (brands and models) are supported by OSCM. Does anybody know where I can find or get these information?

Pretty much any IR remote can be used
Any RF remotes with a dongle can usually be used. CEC is also supported

Bluetooth remotes such as Harmony also work. If you let us which remote you plan to use we can advise

I would like to use the model URC 1240/Contour 4 or URC 1280/Contour 8 of the brand “One for all”.

I believe that’s a universal remote control. So you can select something like an Xbox Remote in OSMC’s remotes section and then program the One for All for an Xbox or you can create and record your own profile


Yes, these models are universal. Thanks for your advice, Sam.


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