OSMC 19 on RPI3: Youtube Plugin doesn't play playlists

Hi, since update to OSMC 19 (on my Raspberry 3) a couple of months ago it is not possible to play youtube playlists anymore. Single videos are played fine though.
It doesn’t matter if I try it from the youtube plugin directly or shared with the Kore-App in Adroid. If I try I get the OSMC-“hour glass” for ages, and after a while (couple of minutes) I get an error-message. It doesn’t matter if or if not there is a blocked or deleted video in the playlist. It also happened on a different Raspberry 3 with a freshly installed OSMC. So I don’t think it is a matter of some setting.
Is anybody else having or did have the same or a similar problem? How did you solve it?
Regards, Ingolf

Kodi v19 has not been released yet. Are you running a nightly?

Hi, sorry, OSMC November 2019 2019.11-1. No nightly.

Logs might help but more importantly, have you contacted the YouTube maintainer?
If you’re only having problems with YT, then it probably isn’t OSMC related.

Hallo, not yet. I try to figure out where the problem is. So I was searching the web and didn’t find anything. Try to google OSMC and Youtube :slight_smile: ) Second try is asking for users with similar problems. I think this use of the youtube plugin is so usual that somebody has to have the same problem as well. So it is worth a try. And since it is an issue for me after the update I’m still not sure if it is a OSMC or a plugin problem.

BTW: @sam_nazarko: thank you for the effort on this software, I use it permanent for playing music at home.

I can’t think of what we’ve changed that would cause this. I’d suggest searching for Kodi and YouTube (there should be a thread by the add-on developer); and giving it a quick skim to see if there are reports of this issue.

We are in the early / late hours (depending on how you want to put it) yet, so others may chime in soon with some advice.


How exactly are you playing these playlists? You context menu and tell it to play all or play from here? That seems to work just fine for me. Small playlists cue and start without delay, and a 650 video playlist on my RPi 3b+ cued in ~60 seconds. All videos played one to the next without delay after the first started.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, but where were other things that kept me VERY occupied :frowning:
Today I was thinking about using an other remote app rather than Kore (that means Yatse) and strangely there it works.
So not a problem here with kodi or osmc.
Thank you for trying to help me!