OSMC 2016.02-4 on RPi2 doesn't find March update


Running OSMC 2016.02-4. I manually check for update via the OSMC UI inside Kodi. Always says “No updates available” now, but I expect it to find the March 3 update.

Logs are here. I uploaded all the logs from the OSMC UI. Figured more was better than less. Apologizes in advance if that was overkill.

At one point an update was found and I downloaded\started the install… and walked away. :frowning: Not sure if it failed or not. It must of I guess since I am still on 2016.02-4.

I’d be thankful if someone in the know could have a peek and let me know if a cause jumps out.

Thanks a lot.

You are on the latest version, check this thread

If you’re asking me a question, I don’t understand what it is. Can you try again please?

Not a question! I am telling you that you are using the latest version of OSMC and I have linked a thread that explains the concept of the version numbers.

It’s a bit confusing. The blog post title threw me (“OSMC Marches on…”). I thought that was a double entendre and it caused me to expect a 2016-03-n" version after downloading the update.

If I understand you correctly, I already have the latest update, which is 2016.02-4. Correct?

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OK, great. Thanks for the help.