Osmc 2018.06-1 rtl8188eus driver kernel 4.14.34-2-osmc+

Just installed new release on raspberry pi 3. And as I use external dongle on rtl8188eus chipset as AP I usually install drivers from http://downloads.fars-robotics.net. They have a script to autoinstall here: http://www.fars-robotics.net/install-wifi. But now the installation fails:
root@osmc:/bin# /usr/bin/install-wifi

*** Raspberry Pi wifi driver installer by MrEngman.
*** Performing self-update
*** Relaunching after update

*** Raspberry Pi wifi driver installer by MrEngman.

Your current kernel revision = 4.14.34-2-osmc+
Your current kernel build = #1

Checking for a wifi module to determine the driver to install.

Your wifi module is Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:8179 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter

And it uses the 8188eu driver.

Checking for a 8188eu wifi driver module for your current kernel.
A driver does not yet exist for this update.

I tried to manually download and install the driver for kernel 4.14.34 from http://downloads.fars-robotics.net/wifi-drivers/8188eu-drivers/ but after installation something is wrong:
root@osmc:~# ifconfig wlan1 up
wlan1: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

Before installation a new driver I could make “up” wlan1 but the default driver doesn’t support AP-mode.
Could you please help me with this trouble?

The RTL8188EU is supported out of the box with OSMC.

I think only the in tree driver supports AP mode via nl80211, but the performance is so bad you will not be able to use it.


Hi, Sam.
I used the RTL8188EU with that driver before in AP mode and the performance was quit a good - better than built-in wireless adapter of raspberry3! I got about 20Mbit/s. And the metter is I need 2 adapters so the question is still how to make working that driver, supporting AP mode, with the new kernel 4.14.34-2-osmc+ of osmc ?

“The RTL8188EU is supported out of the box with OSMC.”
Sam, do you mean AP mode ? If yes - can you tell me how to achieve it ? May be I use incorrect hostapd config ?
mine is:

#ieee80211n=1 # 802.11n support (Raspberry Pi 3)
#wmm_enabled=1 # QoS support (Raspberry Pi 3)
#ht_capab=[HT40][SHORT-GI-20][DSSS_CCK-40] # (Raspberry Pi 3)

Sorry – AP mode is not supported out of the box for this driver.
I don’t recommend using your driver. You could indeed build it but this would not be something we could support


Sam, could you recommend wifi-dongle (chipset) supported by osmc in AP mode ?

Not sure about Pi unfortunately.