OSMC 2018.12-1 Crash everytime

Using Raspberry Pi-3+ when jumping around two or more movies in a few seconds I can crash it every time. Movies are on WD Mycloud using Netgear gig speed network.


I’m not sure what you mean by this but I would recommend that you stop doing it. Does the Pi work if you watch a movie “normally”?

The log shows that your Pi is running out of memory, though it doesn’t show the reason. The memory problem might be because of a Kodi add-on, or perhaps some other software, that you might have installed.

You can try running Kodi with a clean configuration by running the following commands on the command line:

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi kodi_backup
systemctl start mediacenter

Then see if the memory problem still occurs.

I have many Pi-3’s Some with HDhomerun some with addons some with nothing but my Library the only common element is my large library is on all of them. And all of them will at least crash once or twice a day. So it doesn’t surprise me the Raspberry Pi-3 is just doesn’t have enough horsepower to handle all those Posters and nfo’s