OSMC 2022.03-1 pi 3 B+ HDMI needs fix

I am using OSMC for about 4 years. Raspberry’s i use for my work all the time.
I make updated images from time to time, about 2 / 3 every year.
I use about 6 raspberry’s with osmc, kodi 18.9.
I am trying to migrate to Matrix, and now its the time.
Until now some modules that i use dont worked in the matrix.
But, today i installed osmc image 2022.03-1 3 times, changed about everything possible in the config.txt, and still not getting hdmi image or if i get image it at 1024x768. Tried with different hdmi cables and different monitors (1080p).
And also even at 1024x768, the kodi freezes from time to time for about 5 seconds.
Rolling back to my last image with kodi 18.9 until the next osmc release, hope next release that problem will be fixed.

Have a nice day.


Well as there is no know problem that hope will not be fulfilled.
If you have an issue you would need to provide debug enabled logs so that people might can figure out what the problem is.

Indeed. We haven’t had other reports of this, so we don’t know how to reproduce, let alone fix the issue.

For somehow find the problem base.
I don’t know why, but using pi 3 B / pi 3 B+ and pi 4 and all works with monitor’s DELL 24 inch (images not osmc).
But using osmc the latest version only have that problem with my monitors DELL, works fine in monitors of other brands, cant find out why. It’s like doesn’t recognize the display itself.
But at least i will start working on the latest osmc image.
Still have some problems in some modules dont know why.
The modules are working fine in the last kodi on windows and linux but not in osmc (raspberry) will continue to dig the problem.
Thanks anyway for the support and fast response.


I’m guessing this is a 16:10 screen. Debug logs may help us find a solution.