OSMC Add-on

Hello @Chillbo
I am not sure if you are correct person, but I have question about addon skin
In OSMC addon - network setting I can see Enable adapter and Wait for network in Ethernet section without toggle box and in wireless section these toggle boxes are very difficult to read.
Maybe it can be see only in one section and toggle boxes should be move to left
Please see the pictures bellow

Thanks for your help

That’s … odd. It’s probably @anxdpanic that might know how to fix that.

We have checked on RPi4 and Vero and cannot reproduce this. If you post logs, we might be able to see something, otherwise you can try reinstalling OSMC.

Can you post please what you see? I have same result on RPi 3 And Rpi4 also on new installation
Logs I will send later evening.
Thank you.

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On my RPi 4, I tested all resolutions from 640x480 … 1920x1080 and all looks fine:

As @grahamh suggested: Logs could help.

I made some tests on Pi3

  1. clean install - english language - skin Estuary - OSMC addon OK
    logs here: https://paste.osmc.tv/bareyehagu
  2. clean install - czech language - skin Estuary - OSMC addon OK
  3. switch to confluence skin - OSMC Addon is broken like on my previous pictures
    logs here: https://paste.osmc.tv/wibefutudo
  4. switch back to Estuary skin - OSMC addon OK again

So I think it is 100% skin confluence problem. I use only Confluence, so I never see correct skin
I am not sure if logs help, but if you have some idea, please let me know.


@JanS Many thx, with that information I could reproduce the issue with a RPi4 and a Vero V, now:

So, the necessary condition to reproduce the problem is to use the Confluence skin.
Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. In a next step, we have to discuss this internally whether it’s an issue with the My OSMC addon or the Confluence skin itsself.

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Thanks for your response.
Do you have also missing checkboxes in wired section?


Yes, they are missing.