OSMC addon repository addons.xml hickup?

Hi there,

I was wondering how the OSMC addon update process works (repo wise).

  1. Can it be that addon zips are updated/added, but the addons.xml is not? Should a addition of a zip always trigger the generation of a new addons.xml or are these only generated 12-hourly? E.g. the plugins “plugin.video.catchuptvandmore” and “plugin.video.youtube” got updated zips on 2021-02-27 12:00 to version 0.2.32 and 6.8.10 respectively. However the addons.xml generated at 11.57 still listed these as 0.2.31 and 6.8.9. Did it get generated just before the zip addition by chance? It struck me as odd that the hash generation of addons.xml.gz.md5 followed an hour later. In the meantime the addons.xml synced the changes, but I’m just curious how this works.

  2. What is the main purpose of the OSMC addon mirror over that of Kodi? Just providing ARM compiled addons for for Vero hardware right? Is there a handy way for a knowledgable user to use the main Kodi repo in addition (or as replacement) of the one provided by OSMC? For Python-only addons without binaries this shouldn’t be a problem right? Of course I could translate the domain name to a local ip and do some redirection, but that’s not pretty/desired.


No – that shouldn’t be the case. Unfortunately it’s not clear which mirror you were looking at.

No – we don’t deliver any binary add-ons via a Kodi repository; we include them with the package and build time and deliver them via APT.

We host our own Kodi repository for better uptime and reliability and also out of respect. We are a separate project, so want to provide our own resources and bandwidth for our userbase.

We synchronise every hour with the Kodi add-on repository, so OSMC users will never really be behind with add-on updates.


Hi Sam,

it was the (main?) EU mirror at http://ftp.fau.de/
Now I think of it, maybe it’s out of scope to be asking osmc about the configuration of this mirror.

Ah now I get it, recap for myself: there are updates over APT (like for some audio decoders) and all the other add-on updates go over the repo (which osmc mirrors from Kodi for mentioned reasons).

If the repo doesn’t fall behind on updates and osmc doesn’t die someday (god forbid), there’s no reason for me to attempt to change the repo location…I respect the design decisions.

Thanks for the very clear answer once again! Keep up the good work and thanks for all your efforts on this project.

There are over a dozen mirrors – and they have different sync frequencies.
We always redirect to up to date mirrors.