Osmc addon repository out of date

It seems that the osmc addon repository mirror ( download.osmc.tv ) is out of date.

e.g http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/leia/plugin.video.retrospect/ shows newest version of retrospect is 5.0.5
while Files... shows newest is 5.0.7

The mirror does still rsync every hour, so it seems the source is out of date.

We rsync from:


if this fails, we use:


Can you check if these mirrors are out of date?

Index of /mirrors/xbmc/addons/leia/plugin.video.retrospect is up to date, but Index of /sites/mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/leia/plugin.video.retrospect is outdated

It looks like Heanet is not responding at the moment, so we’re falling through to Mirror Service.

Hopefully that is updated soon.

It is failing since 2019-10-04 at least. I guess nobody noticed. I will try to email them their mirror is not up to date

I’ve updated our script to access Kodi’s EU mirror directly, so this issue should be resolved now.

Our mirrors will be updated in just over an hour.



The mirror seems up to date now.

Thanks for the quick solution