Osmc addons download/installation

Hi! Addons installation fails since this morning.

log says

2020-06-29 12:52:03.885 T:4065644544 DEBUG: Repository add-on repository.xbmc.org uses plain HTTP for add-on downloads in path http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/leia - this is insecure and will make your Kodi installation vulnerable to attacks if enabled!

This is just a warning that the repo is not HTTPS and is not an error.

Can you please post full debug logs.


You are getting loads of timeouts to the download sites. Did you have any internet outages? (Possibly one of the osmc mirrors was done?)

CurlFile::Stat - Failed: Timeout was reached(28) for http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/osmc.tv/osmc/download/kodi/addons/leia/metadata.common.imdb.com/metadata.common.imdb.com-3.1.5.zip

ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: Timeout was reached(28) for http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/leia/plugin.audio.dr.dk.netradio/icon.png

Maybe try again in a bit and see if you still have the same issue.

If you ssh to the device are you able to ping:

ping download.osmc.tv

looks like it’s back to normal, ping is alright. Thanks for the fast support :slight_smile: