OSMC Advanced features

I’ve been looking over the forums and wiki and I can’t seem to find answers to some of my basic questions about the capabilities of OSMC. Until just recently I’ve been planning on using Raspberry Pi 2 with OpenElec (Milhouse build) for a new media streamer. Then I learned the R Pi 3 has been released. Next, I learned about OSMC and it seemed like it had more features. I also learned OpenElec doesn’t have a way to do parental controls (my kids aren’t quite ready for Braveheart).

So I figured I’d just ask in a new topic since I’m guessing there’s more than one person like myself out there wondering if OSMC is going to do all the things I’m hoping it does.


  • 3D MVC
  • 7.1 DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD, Atmos (I know OpenElec has to use 8-channel PCM to do this)
  • Parental Controls (I’m told Kodi uses profiles to get this done)

Lastly, are any of the above hardware dependent? I know with OpenElec, you need an R Pi to get 3D MVC so I wanted to ask about any caveats that might be in play. Then I saw the Vero advertised and wondered if it would offer me a better product? It has SPDIF output, but I’ve never used 35mm before. Can you convert it to a standard RCA plug or TOSLink? I saw one converter for the latter, but it said something about not supporting anything beyond 5.1 sound.

I appreciate the info.


Should give you some answers.

I’ve been to that page previously (but checked it again, just in case). That page has no information on any of the topics in my post.