OSMC Airplay 8.4

Hey since the Update to IOS 8.4 my Ipad2 can’t airplay the NBA GametimeAPP.
The Airplay sign appears on the screen but it can’t load the video. When I disable the compatibility Mode on osmc the pad can airplay the sound but not the vid.
anybody got an idea?

Are you certainly sure it could before? I would suspect a sports application to have DRM


Yeah it worked well! I’ve watched the playoffs…

Check if other AirPlay apps work. If some do it will be because of DRM restrictions in the app.

Just because it worked in the past doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an update to the app that tightened its DRM restrictions. Keep in mind that app updates can be automatically held back until a certain iOS version.

For example there could have been an update for that app that requires new functionality provided in iOS 8.4 - when you update iOS you then get the new version of the app that was being held back while you remained on an earlier iOS version.

YouTube only works through Safari, so don’t rely on that as a test.


Hmm maybe but I didnt updated the App just the iOS. The Videos of my iPhone can be airplayed… Isnt there a message when youre tryin to Stream a drm source? And if drm is really the reason is there a tweak to scrub around that protection via jailbreak?