OSMC Alpha 4 - install failed

Dear guys,

I’m trying to install OSMC Alpha 4 on a raspberry PI 2 and I get stuck on “Just a moment” 0%
I’m using an microSD 8 Gb Sandisk.

What can I do ?
Is any chance to have an uncompatible micro SD card ? or where I can get the full error ?


Might have something to do with the RC version about to be released - not 100% sure though.

You can install the disk image directly:-

Hello scrag,

First time I used directly the disk image, the second I used the .exe windows setup.

I took my SD card 8Go and I put it Alpha 4 release for Raspberry 1 and I installed it successfuly on my Raspberry 1 B.
So the issue is located with this SD + rapsberry Pi 2 + OSMC Alpha 4.

The OSMC repos were cleaned out yesterday to get ready for the RC release, so that might be why a installer installation doesn’t work correctly. I don’t honestly know if that’s the only factor.

The installer (running when you boot the Pi the first time) doesn’t need internet access, so it won’t be anything to do with the OSMC APT repos.

Is it just an SD install or is it an NFS/USB install ?

What power adaptor are you running your Pi 2 from ? Pi 2’s are quite a lot more picky/demanding about power supply than the Pi 1, it may be freezing/hanging due to insufficient power…

Ok for repo.

I’m using a SD card (using win32disk + .img file).
Same power supply & raspberry with an SD 32Go => installation goes successfully.

Rapsberry PI 2 + SD card 8 Gb + OSMC alpha4pi2 => failed
Rapsberry PI 2 + SD card 32 Gb + OSMC alpha4pi2 => good
Rapsberry PI + SD card 8 Gb + OSMC alpha4pi => good

So the SD card seems good but not compatible with current Alpha4 for Pi2 :confused:

Any idea is welcome :smile:


There’s nothing in the OSMC software that would cause your Pi 2 to be incompatible with a particular make of SD card.

It’s possible that it is a hardware incompatibility between the SD card and the Pi 2 which would be strange but not impossible.

Are you able to get the 8GB Noobs SD cards where you live ? They are very cheap and best of all very fast in random 4K read/write performance which is what matters most on a Pi. They are also guaranteed to be compatible with the Pi / Pi 2 as they are distributed by the Pi foundation.

For a few pounds/dollars (insert currency of choice here) it’s probably better than wasting too much time on an iffy SD card.

I have a handful of the 8GB noobs cards (and a couple of Samsung ones) and use them to do all my testing on Pi 1 and Pi 2 - not a single problem with them and they are very fast.

So which power supply are you using? Pi2 really needs a 2A supply.

I’m running a 8GB Noobs card but also ran a 16GB SanDisk without issues. Can you do a full format on the SD and try again - forgot what the format utility program is called…