OSMC and 4k video

Hi guys

What is OSMCs position on 4k video?
Neither Vero, rp1 nor rp2 are able to playback 4k video at the present nor foreseeable future due to hardware limitations.

With 4k TVs getting cheaper and more and more 4k content getting ready (Netflix, BluRay 4k standard on the way) it’s only a matter of time we get 4k material in our hands…

Boxes like OpenHours chameleon have H.265 hardware encoding capability and are in the Vero price range. (I completely understand why Vero doesn’t have it - costs and undefined standards)

So I was wondering - will we see a Vero2 with 4k support or an OSMC build supporting hardware capable of playing 4k video within the next 2 years?

Highly speculative section following:
Assuming Apple launches an updated H.265 cabable AppleTV in summer and the jailbreaking communities succeeds, would you, Sam, pursue a much appreciated AppleTV4 OSMC project or would you ditch it in favour of Vero?

Anyway keep up the awesome work! Which reminds me I should probably donate some $…