OSMC and amazon fire tv

Will you be doing OSMC for the amazon fire tv? or even just a skin?

I am still deciding whether or not to support Android


i have been playing with kodi on the AFTV and its very very fast and i think OSMC would be insane fast going off the alpha’s

Exactly what are you asking for here? An OSMC linux build to replace the Android OS on AFTV? In my research, I’ve only seen one guy running some Fedora build on an AFTV so, doesn’t seem like it’s something reasonably done or many more people would be doing it. Or you just want an OSMC built .apk of Kodi to install on your AFTV that runs Amazon’s stock Android? Because honestly, I really don’t know what difference you will see between the standard Kodi.apk installed on the firetv and one that Sam were to compile? Secondly, I seriously doubt anyone on the dev team has time to kang up a custom rolled build of Android to run the same kodi.apk that you can download from kodi.tv already.

just the skin

Just the skin? Well that’s easy… I’m sure as soon as the skin is complete and final then someone will zip it up and make it widely available. :wink: