OSMC and CamJam Edukit 2


I’m trying to reduce the number of Pis running in my house. I have just installed OSMC and want to connect the movement sensor and temperature sensor from a CamJam Edukit 2 to this box to monitor room temp and room occupancy.

The temp sensor worked straight off, but the movement sensor isn’t working. It hangs on “waiting for PIR to settle”.

I’ve had help elsewhere to add the repo and have installed the GPIO python module and the program now runs, but still doesn’t get input from the PIR.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to fix this? Is there something in the OSMC setup that doesn’t work with the CamJam setup?

I’ve already removed the “dtoverlay=lirc-rpi:gpio_out_pin=17,gpio_in_pin=18” line from /boot/config.tct and replaced it with the CamJam one but that didn’t help.

Hey did you get this working?

I’d like to read temperature and humidity from a DHT22 and display it in OSMC.

How were you able to read the temp and display it in OSMC?