Osmc and external ssd as source for streaming to wireless tablets

So here we go. I have a geek idea that I’m having troubles figuring out and I’m sure it’s mostly my lack of familiarity with kodi and osmc.

I have an rpi3 with an external hard drive connected to a wireless router. I am going to put this in my car as a media centre for long trips for the kids. We are using android tablets.

Where I am running in to trouble is setting up the source for videos to always serve from the Samw folder on the ssd. Also in finding a reliable dlna player for the tablets. I tried this bubble up or whatever but it needed an external player.

I can hook the pie up to the tv and play movies it just doesn’t seem to want to behave as a dlna resource. As when I go to search for movies the libraries don’t always show up.

Any ideas or suggestions ? Thanks.

Not sure what you mean with that? Sounds strange. If your SSD has a valid label it will always automatically mounted under `/media/

Why so complicated? Suggest either to use Kodi itself or Yatse on the Android Tablets

Okay I loaded Yatse on one of my tablets and it sees the server but none of the lists populate. I’ve checked on my raspberry Pi and the videos show there under files. Not sure what I’m doing wrong now.

Also am I going to have to pay to access different codecs like every other stupid player on the App Store?? Like ac3 etc.

I’m probably way over thinking this issue.

That would be strange, did you enable all the necessary options in Kodi?
Have you imported the files to your library?
Are they correctly shown on the web interface of Kodi?

No, the only thing you would have to pay for is the streaming module. I am not 100% sure there as I have the original Yatse which had unlockers. I think the new one has in-app purchase

I would probably just install Kodi on the tablets and have the pi as a nfs and mysql server to serve the files and sync the library.

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I wasn’t thivking abiut this backwards. Your choice makes sense. I’ve never done it that way before and I’ll have to look at some tutorials.

Do you have a recommendation for a guide? If not I’ll use my Google fu.