OSMC and eyetv

I have a macmini2010 with core2 duo at 2.4 GHz as a media machine. It records tv with eyetvhybrid to attached HD’s. I run OSMC on a raspberryPi2 connected over LAN that takes the data from one of the HD’s attached to the mini.
That runs fine exept of some glitches playing video with the raspi while the macmini is recording tv.
My question:
Does it make sense to replace the old macmini with one that has a dual core i5 at 2.4GHz? Or is that an issue of ethernet (all 100MBs)?
I tried to set up a NAS with another raspi to release the mini from the streaming task, but with no success. I did not manage the problem with hfs±HD.
Thanks Ruedi