OSMC and HDHomerun tuners

Hi I have a HDHomerun Connect dual tuner set up on my network. OSMC (April update) is loaded onto a new raspberry pi (latest faster cpu model +3B). It all seemed to work fine. However in the last few days (not sure of exact timing) when I switch on the Pi, OSMC grabs both tuners so no other devices on my network can use them. If I switch off the Pi the tuners become free. I use TVHeadend and I wondered if the grabbers were misbehaving but I have not changed the TVHeadend set up for months and it still looks okay. Equally the HDHomerun software has not changed for sometime. As anyone seem this before - I could not find a reference anywhere to such behaviour. Thanks.

Just to add that HDHomerun setup summary says the tuners are locked to the IP address of the OSMC. How does OSMC lock tuners?

This sounds like the OTA epg grabber starts when you boot up the Pi.
This can be configured in the Tvheadend web interface at

Configuration -> DVB-Inputs-> Network,

switch to expert view level, edit you network entry and verify that “skip startup scan” is active.

I wonder how Tvheadend should grab and renew EPG information other than while startup if you hard switch off the Pi.

Another trick is to limit the number of tuners used for EPG grabbing down from 2 to 1.

In the web GUI goto

Configuration -> DVB-Input-> TV Adapters

switch to expert view level and deactivate “Over-The-Air EPG” for one (!!!) tuner. This will only use one of both tuners for EPG grabbing and you could even allow EPG grabbing while startup but leave one tuner free for others till the EPG update is finished.

Thanks Jim - skip startup scan was active however limiting the grab and renew EPG to one tuner has worked brilliantly. Thanks again!