OSMC and Homebridge-people

Hi Guys,

I loved the OSMC because of the great simple install. After this i installed Homebridge to control my lights and more stuff. Everything is working perfect except one plugin:


This plugin will send a ping to specific IP number within the network to see if device is still in the house.
But on OSMC it doest do anything.

Can someone tell me if the ping request is blocked by default or i have to search on different places inside OSMC?


No, nothing is blocked. Question is how the tool issues the ping and it may depend on another binary.

What you could do is install tcpdump (sudo apt-get install tcpdump) and then run sudo tcpdump -i any icmp to see if there are any packages being created by your program.

Problem solved… I saw a other topic and this was solution:

apt-get install iputils-ping

Now have full PING and everything work now.

Thanks anyway for the advice :smiley: